In this troubled time of viruses we all need a little help, we bloggers can do just that, so many of you lovely fantastic people have posted information about how to survive the virus and i thank you all, for the people in self isolation boredom is high, so posting our thoughts is a must, also if anyone needs a chat im a good listener, stay safe my lovely friends and help others that need your help. I LOVE YOU ALL ❤


Your lips taste like sugar as i softly kiss them, your breath is heavy as I hold you tight, our hearts beat faster as our bodys become one, you eyes light up and I see the angel that you are, your beauty grows as the minutes turn into hours, with sweat glistening on our skin we dance in the moonlit on the sandy shore, i will love you forever my love, our hearts will sing for all eternity.


The moon comes up chasing away the sun, this signals other day is done.

Wolves howl at the moon like my heart screams out for a true love, will God send me an angel from up above.

They say poetry is the song of love, a song that lights the fire of the person whom you love.

I sing my song out into the world, hopefull it finds me that special girl, will she hear me from so far away, all i can do is pray.


We live in a world where the micro bugs of a virus can kill us, a world where we can die from terrorism and bombs from the sky, we can die from being stabbed in the street, be killed for the words we say, theres an infinite number of things that can kill us, but we must live on, we must fight the terrorists, fight the virus, fight for justice and in wars that are government created, we must fight for the right to live, we may have different religion’s, we may have different beliefs and opinions, but we are one race, the human race and we must work together for peace and harmony on this planet. So do the right thing people, send a message of love to all humans in this world, its the only way to survive.

The four horsemen

They say the four horsemen are already here, that its only the beginning of the end of the world, war, famine, pestilence and death. Sounds familiar with the world today. So if this really is the beginning of the end i just want to say that I love you all, I really mean that, i never got to find the love of my life and thats okay with me, i guess the animals will take over the earth and thats okay with me too, best of luck to you all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤