For lia

Beautiful words from a beautiful friend may your words never end, let your thoughts live forever in people’s hearts, put them all into a book and i will carry that book for all eternity, your soul lights up the world, your spirit lives forever, one day we will all meet up in heaven, our souls will become the nights stars , shining bright for all of time 🙏🙏

Blog friends

Blog friends can we all give a little to those who have lost a loved one for whatever reason, give a little to those who are finding it difficult financially, im not talking about donating money, im talking about donating love, by text, by email, by letter or by phone call, just tell them you love them, especially if that person is a stranger, go on give them the word of love, it won’t cost you anything, but it will mean everything to those you say the words i love you, how about it, join me in the campaign, to you whom reads this i say, I LOVE YOU ❤🙏🙏


Self isolation is such a drag , feeling unwell, sleeping, taking meds, sleeping, feeling nauseous, sleeping, going to the bathroom, sleeping, aches and pains everywhere, sleeping, now i can’t sleep because too much sleeping for the last two days, five days to go.

Love is

Love is finding the right person for you, love is telling that person you love them, love is then finding out that person is married, love is backing off because you know they will never love you, as the song goes, if you can’t be with the one you love, then love the one your with, you know whom im talking about, i will never be with you, but I will always love you my princess ❤❤❤❤